Get 5 peaces of advice from M21 before you buy a property on Costa del Sol
5 pieces of advice before you buy property on Costa del Sol

5 things to consider before buying your second home in Marbella! 1) Prepare before you buy – what is your vision of your Southern lifestyle? You will benefit from finding out where you really want to live and what you…

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Sun for Millions: Get behind M21 on Discovery Networks – Channel 5

Follow the premiere of the new lifestyle documentary “Sun for Millions” on Channel 5 (Discovery Networks Denmark). Come behind Marbella21 in the channel’s new big venture. We have asked the TV producer BLU what “Sun for Millions” is about. Also,…

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Hollywood star shooting big movie in Marbella ” The New Hollywood in Europe”

M21 helps renowned film director and Hollywood star. It creates a great deal of attention on “Europe’s California”.   Hollywood star, Robert Davi, known from James Bond, License To Kill, Predator 2, The Goonies, Showgirls & Die Hard (over 130…

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